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Your journey, your choice: Relocraft for employees or companies

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You are looking into migrating to Germany and don’t know how to start? You are in the right place. We will guide you step by step.

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We help you setting up onboarding processes for your employees with ease. Bureaucracy can be tricky and difficult to understand. Let us help you out!

Why use relocraft for your relocation?

Benefit from a wide range of digital and on-site support.

Information and Guides

Access to comprehensive information and guides on the relocation process, including visa requirements, housing, healthcare, and legal procedures.

Personalized Assistance

Tailored advice and assistance based on individual circumstances, such as family size, employment status, and specific needs.

Legal Compliance

Assistance in understanding and fulfilling legal requirements for relocation, including visa applications and residency permits.

Housing Support

Help in finding suitable accommodation, whether it's short-term rentals, or long-term housing solutions.

Employment Guidance

Information on job markets, job search support, and guidance on professional networking in Germany.

Healthcare Information

Guidance on the German healthcare system, insurance requirements, and finding suitable healthcare providers.

Financial Planning

Information on banking, taxation, and financial planning for expatriates.

Education Support

Information on educational institutions, school enrollment processes, and resources for families with children.

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